Celebrating the Savior’s Birth

KEY VERSE: “Mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hest prepared before the face of all people.” —Luke 2:30,31


ABOUT forty days after the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary went up to Jerusalem to have their young child presented to the Lord. While they were in the Temple, a man named Simeon was directed by God through the power of the Holy Spirit to recognize Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah and Savior of Israel. But no great public announcement was made. Simeon, an obscure man, not in the public eye, simply took Jesus in his arms and spoke the words of this outstanding prophecy to Joseph and Mary. No doubt others in the Temple hardly noticed what was going on. But what Simeon saw in this tiny child was of greatest consequence. He saw the Savior of the world!

The name Jesus means ‘one who saves’, ‘a savior’. But God’s plan for saving the world of mankind from sin and death is so all-comprehensive that in order to help us understand all its implications the Bible assigns many other and varied titles to Jesus, each denoting in its own way some particular viewpoint in connection with the manner in which salvation is brought by him to the human race. One of these titles is Priest. A priest’s work was twofold—to offer sacrifice, and then to extend blessings to the people based upon the sacrifice offered.

Thus it is with Jesus. He has already served as priest for the offering of sacrifice, in that he laid down his own life on Calvary’s cross. He offered himself, and will therefore be the rightful one to extend the blessings of life to the people, those blessings which he purchased by his own precious blood.

Jesus is also appointed by God to be King of earth during a thousand-year kingdom, the purpose of which will be to reestablish the will of the Creator in the minds and hearts of his earthly creatures.

The Scriptures also assign to Jesus the title of Judge. As a judge, Jesus will be a blesser of the people.

All came under condemnation through Adam, and the vast majority go down into the tomb without even knowing that Christ died for them so they might have an opportunity to escape the penalty of death, which by heredity is resting upon them. It is during the Judgment Day that they will be awakened from death, enlightened concerning Jesus, and upon the basis of that enlightenment given an opportunity to accept God’s gift, his Son, obey the laws of the kingdom, and live forever.

Jesus is also referred to in the Scriptures as Counselor. Jesus will indeed be a Wonderful Counselor. It will be in this capacity that Jesus will act when he serves as Mediator between God and men. Jesus’ work as Counselor will be closely associated with his role as Judge. In both respects he will be dealing with the people for the purpose of effecting their reconciliation with God, and upon the basis of this, giving them everlasting life.

Another title ascribed to Jesus is the Mighty God. This does not mean that Jesus is the Almighty Jehovah, but it does mean that he has been highly exalted in the divine arrangements. The world will recognize that through him the justice, wisdom, love, and power of the Almighty God are operative for their eternal blessing. Gladly, then, will the people recognize him as God’s representative, the manifestation of God’s presence in their midst.

The prophecies also refer to Jesus as the Everlasting Father. The term father means ‘life-giver’, and an everlasting father would be one who gives everlasting life. It will be this that Jesus will do for all those who, during the thousand years of his reign, believe on him and obey the laws of his kingdom.

Jesus, the Savior of the world, will also be the Prince of Peace. The angelic song which heralded the birth of Jesus featured the happy theme of peace on earth. But Jesus will do more than establish peace among nations and within nations. He will as Mediator establish peace of heart through reconciliation with God for all those who, through him, accept the provisions of divine grace and obey the laws of the kingdom in which he will rule as king. When the work of his mediatorial kingdom is complete the human race will no longer be in rebellion against the Creator. And, being in harmony with him and enjoying the sunshine of his favor, they will have life-everlasting—they will be saved at last!

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