Courageous Integrity

KEY VERSE: “Micaiah said, As the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.” —I Kings 22:14

SELECTED SCRIPTURE: I Kings 22:13-16, 19-23, 26-28

MICAIAH WAS A prophet in Israel who had repeatedly told King Ahab what he did not wish to hear. On this occasion the king was seeking advice as to whether he should lead his army against the Syrians to assert their right of sovereignty to some disputed land east of the Jordan River. Four hundred prophets had already been asked, and had assured the king of victory. Ahab’s ally in this venture, the king of Judah, knew of Micaiah the prophet, and wanted his advice also. Ahab was displeased, but reluctantly called him in for council.

Micaiah, knowing that the king wanted only a favorable answer, advised him that he would speak only what the Lord revealed. Then mockingly, repeated what the other four hundred prophets had said. Ahab apparently detected the sarcasm in his voice, and replied, “How many times shall I adjure thee that thou tell me nothing but that which is true in the name of the Lord?” Then the prophet gave a parable which implied that the advice of the other four hundred prophets was a lie, and that the Lord had, in fact, predicted evil concerning Ahab.

The prophet must have known what the consequences of the truth would be. He was carried off to prison and suffered much affliction, there to remain until Ahab returned from his conquest, which, of course, hg did not do, having met his death in the battle.

It is not easy to declare the Word of the Lord to those who would bring us persecution because of it. But, as with the prophets of past ages, so it has been also with those of this Gospel Age called to proclaim the Word of the Lord. The faithful ones have spoken the truth in spite of the persecution and suffering it might bring. Such has been the history of the Lord’s true church.

If we truly love the Lord and his Word we will not be like those who, according to Peter, “wrest the Scriptures unto their own destruction.” (II Pet. 3:16) Instead, we will take God at his word, and obey his instructions, and speak his Word honestly, without hesitation. We know that the human heart is deceitful, and will influence our minds to interpret scriptures in such a manner as to make the narrow way of sacrifice a little less narrow, if permitted to do so. But if we give all diligence to study, and sincerely apply the Lord’s instructions, we will be protected against all opposition and influences which would take us out of our Heavenly Father’s loving care. Even Satan will not be permitted to harm us if we remain faithful to God’s Word and the doing of his will, submissive to all the providences which divine power permits and overrules for our good.

Just as divine power has provided all things necessary pertaining to life and godliness, we can also be assured that it will not allow anything to interfere with the accomplishment of the divine purpose in our lives. Truly this is a blessed assurance, for we know that greater is he who is for us than all who are against us. Let us continue to rejoice in the abundance of God’s grace as we are strengthened by the certain knowledge that our Heavenly Father will care for us and protect us against all the enemies to our faith. If we put our trust in him, when the due time comes, we shall have an abundant entrance into that glorious kingdom, where we can prophesy of his wonderful plan for all people, and all will be glad to listen!

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