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“This is the Bible Answers program, in which we present a ‘Frank and Ernest’ discussion of Bible truths in an endeavor to answer your Bible questions.”

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Program TitleChoose formatBooklet Offered
A People for His NameRealMP3God’s Plan
A World in TransitionRealMP3God and Reason
A Worldwide ReligionRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
Can We Talk with the Dead?RealMP3Hope Beyond the Grave
Christ the FoundationRealMP3When a Man Dies
Christian BaptismRealMP3The Church
Christianity Versus HeathenismRealMP3Reincarnation Versus Resurrection
Christ’s Second AdventRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
Christ’s Thousand-Year ReignRealMP3Christ’s Thousand-Year Kingdom
Creation and ResurrectionRealMP3Creation
Creator and CreationRealMP3God and Reason
Divine HealingRealMP3Divine Healing
Does Man Have a Soul?RealMP3Hope Beyond the Grave
Evolution Versus The BibleRealMP3Creation
For the Glory of GodRealMP3How God Answers Prayer
Freedom from FearRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
God Has a PlanRealMP3God’s Plan
God So LovedRealMP3God and Reason
God’s Day of PreparationRealMP3God and Reason
God’s New Social OrderRealMP3God’s Plan
God’s Remedy for a Suffering WorldRealMP3God and Reason
Goodwill Toward MenRealMP3The Dawn Magazine
Heaven and ParadiseRealMP3Hope Beyond the Grave
Hope for a Fear-filled WorldRealMP3Hope for a Fear-filled World
How God Answers PrayerRealMP3How God Answers Prayer
How Old is Man?RealMP3Creation
Israel’s Double PortionRealMP3The Future of Israel and the World
Jehovah, Creator and FatherRealMP3Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Judgment Day Favors for SinnersRealMP3The Day of Judgment
Many MansionsRealMP3God’s Plan
No More DeathRealMP3God and Reason
Not of this WorldRealMP3What Can a Man Believe?
One GovernmentRealMP3God’s Plan
Opening the Gates of HellRealMP3When a Man Dies
Our Day in ProphecyRealMP3Armageddon then World Peace
Our Lord’s ReturnRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
Palestine in ProphecyRealMP3The Future of Israel and the World
Paradise without PollutionRealMP3Paradise Without Pollution
Peace on EarthRealMP3Jesus, The World’s Savior
Peace Through Christ’s KingdomRealMP3Peace Through Christ’s Kingdom
Prayers Will Be AnsweredRealMP3How God Answers Prayer
Prepare to Meet Thy GodRealMP3When a Man Dies
Probation after DeathRealMP3When a Man Dies
SalvationRealMP3When a Man Dies
Science and CreationRealMP3Creation
Sifting Superstition from ReligionRealMP3God and Reason
Swords into PlowsharesRealMP3God and Reason
The Beginning of God’s CreationRealMP3Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
The Birth of a NationRealMP3The Future of Israel and the World
The Bread and The CupRealMP3The Blood of Atonement
The ChurchRealMP3The Church
The Coming Age of MiraclesRealMP3Divine Healing
The Coming World GovernmentRealMP3God and Reason
The Day of JudgmentRealMP3The Day of Judgment
The Days of CreationRealMP3Creation
The Earth Abideth ForeverRealMP3God and Reason
The Earth DevouredRealMP3God’s Plan
The End of the WorldRealMP3God and Reason
The Faith of our FathersRealMP3God and Reason
The Gospel of ChristRealMP3What Can a Man Believe?
The Holy SpiritRealMP3Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
The Hope of ImmortalityRealMP3Hope Beyond the Grave
The Image of GodRealMP3Creation
The Increase of Christ's KingdomRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
The Keys of Heaven and HellRealMP3Hope Beyond the Grave
The Kingdoms of This WorldRealMP3God and Reason
The Last DaysRealMP3God’s Plan
The Lord is ComeRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
The Lord’s WitnessesRealMP3“The Light of the World”
The Manner of Christ's ComingRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
The Opening of the BooksRealMP3The Day of Judgment
The Prince of PeaceRealMP3Jesus, The World’s Savior
The Prince of This WorldRealMP3“Your Adversary the Devil”
The ResurrectionRealMP3Hope Beyond the Grave
The Rich Man and LazarusRealMP3The Truth About Hell
The River of LifeRealMP3God and Reason
The Sheep and the Goats ParableRealMP3The Day of Judgment
The Three WorldsRealMP3God’s Plan
The Triumph of ChristianityRealMP3God and Reason
The True and Living GodRealMP3God and Reason
The Truth About HellRealMP3The Truth About Hell
The Wages of SinRealMP3The Truth About Hell
The Witch of EndorRealMP3Spiritualism—Its Claims
The World on FireRealMP3God’s Plan
Thief in ParadiseRealMP3Hope
This Gospel of the KingdomRealMP3God and Reason
Thy Will Be DoneRealMP3How God Answers Prayer
Times of RestitutionRealMP3What Can a Man Believe?
Times of the GentilesRealMP3The Future of Israel and the World
Today and Tomorrow in ProphecyRealMP3God and Reason
Unquenchable FireRealMP3The Truth About Hell
What is Death?RealMP3The Dawn Magazine
What’s Wrong with the World?RealMP3God and Reason
When a Man DiesRealMP3When a Man Dies
When There is no PeaceRealMP3Our Lord’s Return
Whosoever BelievethRealMP3Born of the Spirit
Witnesses of JesusRealMP3“The Light of the World”
Your Adversary the DevilRealMP3“Your Adversary the Devil”

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