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2007 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1245Welcome Address
1246The Heavenly Vision
1247Goodness, Forgiveness and Mercy
1248The Three R’s of the Kingdom
1249Our Trial for Life
Symposium—Lessons Learned from Three Kings:
Saul, David, Solomon
1251God’s Temple and God’s Throne
1252Theme Discourse—I Timothy 2:4
1253The Greatness of God
1254The Great Salvation
1255Where Is The Promise of His Presence?
1256The Importance of Exhortation
1257Cosmology—The Big Bang
1258Never Man Spake Like This Man
Panel Discussion—Did Judas Die the Second Death?
Yes, he did / No, he did not
1261Baptismal Discourse
1262Making Straight Paths for Our Feet
1263Beyond Training Wheels
1264Jesus—Our Perfect Pattern
1265Consequences of the Gospel Age Harvest
1266The Sure Mercies of David
Symposium—Let us lay aside…
Every weight, The sin which doth so easily beset us
1268An American Ecclesia at Philippi
1269The Church
1271Maintaining the Spiritual Glow

2006 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1218Welcome Address
1219Spiritual Deafness
1220The Challenge of the Fourth Generation
1221The Questions of Jesus
1222The Rebuke of Worldliness
Symposium—I Timothy 1:5: Charity (love)...
Out of a pure heart, A good conscience, Faith unfeigned
1224Miss Universe
1225Theme Discourse—Psalm 119:105
1226Paul’s Journeys
1227Grieve Not the Holy Spirit
1228Christian Sacrifice—Come and See
1229The Human Response to Failure
1230The Strait Gate
1231The Hierarchies of God
1232Meeting the Bridegroom
Panel Discussion—The Fall of Babylon:
Past (Rev. 18:2) / Future (Rev. 14:8)
1234Baptismal Discourse—Called of God
1235Instructions and Examples
1236The Beasts of Revelation 13
1237Lessons From the Master
1238The Whole Armor of God
1239The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9
1240Symposium—Advocate, Mediator
1241I am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
1242Lessons From Luke 11
1243A Great Promise Followed by Two Covenants
1244Hereby Know We Thou Art God

2005 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1191Welcome Address—To God be the Glory
1192The Days Are Still Evil
1193Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
1194Why Israel?
1196Three Mini-Talks: Parousia, Epiphania, Apokalupsis
1197The Rest of Your Life
1198Theme Discourse—II Thessalonians 2:13
1199Wisdom From Above
1200Above Strength—A Narrative
1201“Prove All Things”—I Thessalonians 5:21
1202The Courage to be Vulnerable
1203Your Calling
1204A Vision of Heaven
1205An Ensign of the People
Panel Discussion—The Last Supper...
Was a Passover Meal / Preceded the Passover Meal
1207Baptismal Discourse
1208Taste Before Serving
1209Our Glorious Prospect
1210The Cross and the Crown
1211A Perfect Plan
1212“Love the Brethren”—I John 3:14
1213Symposium—Philippians 2:12,13: Our Salvation... Our Part, God’s Part
1214Lessons From the Lamed
1215Reviewing My Morning Resolve
1216Three Unique Members
1217The End of a Thing is Better Than the Beginning Thereof

2004 General Convention—Orange, CA.

1165Welcome Address
1166Our First Love
1167My Right Hand
1169Public Meeting: Who is God’s Candidate?
1170Dining with the Lord
1171Theme Discourse—Luke 21:28
1172The Beauty of the Lord’s Return
1173The Man Who Had His Eyes Closed
1174Panel Discussion—Jesus in the Four Gospels
1175The Story of Eden
1176The History of Baptism
1177Avoiding Criticism and Fault Finding
1178The Foundation of Faith
1179Panel Discussion—Israel’s Role in the Kingdom: Major / Minor
1180Baptismal Discourse
1181The House of Mercy
1182Weighed in the Balances
1183The Miracle Within You
1184Little Things
1185Determining the Lord’s Will
1186Symposium—Prayer in the... Old Testament, New Testament
1187Room for Improvement
1189The Elohim and Elohim
1190A Farewell Letter

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