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1991 General Convention—Holland, MI.

798Welcome Address
799The Message of the Kingdom
800The Chastisements of Israel
801Be Not Corrupted From the Simplicity That Is In Christ
802The Glory of God
804Elijah, One Like Unto Us
805Theme Discourse—Matthew 6:20
807Lessons From Brothers in Scriptures
808They Shall Be One
809The Samaritans
811Panel Discussion—Israel: Today and Tomorrow
812Are Our Sacrifices Complete?
813Baptismal Discourse
814Preparing to Run
816A Search for Healing
817Lord God
818The Elimination of All Evil
819Running the Race
820A More Excellent Way
821Gaining the Prize
822Keep Thy Heart
823The AIDS Problem
824He is Faithful

1990 General Convention—Houghton, NY.

770Welcome Address
771Colossians 3:12
772Our Blessed Hope
773Colossians 3:13
774Guilt—The Voice of Conscience
775Soldiers of the Cross
776Let My People Go
777Colossians 3:15
778The New Covenant
779The Crushing of the Grapes
780Theme Discourse—Colossians 3:14
781I Was Tempted to ...
782The Second Presence
783Panel Discussion—I Thessalonians 5:3
784An Invitation to a Wedding
785The Man From Jericho
786The Voice to Heed
787Baptismal Discourse
788Deception to Deception
789A Puzzling Equation
790Glory in the Cross of Jesus
791Israel’s Return to God
792Observe My Ways
793Finishing the Course
794Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
795The Case of the Meek Horse
796Now What?

1989 General Convention—Chattanooga, TN.

742Welcome Address
744Our Sacred Aspirations
745Some Strange Things
746Just Wait Three Days
747A Sabbath Day’s Journey
748Be Strong in the LORD
749Theme Discourse—Hebrews 12:1
750Why Was the Unjust Steward Commended?
751Ecumenicism and the Bible
752The Angel Stood Before the Altar
753Cloud of Witnesses
754Panel Discussion—Hebrews 10:25
755Paul’s Prayer
756Liberty and Life for All
757The Weight That Besets Us
758Baptismal Discourse
759Passing Through the Veil
760Why God Permits Evil
761Run With Patience
762Life, Blood and Sacrifice
763Our Hearts Desire
764The Race Before Us
765Jesus, the Example
766Wait for Salvation
767God Be With You

1988 General Convention—Chattanooga, TN.

715Welcome Address
716Let God Free
717Separating Ourselves
718The Anointing Which Ye Have Received
719A City in Motion
720Rock of Ages
721Winning God’s Election
722Theme Discourse—Philippians 4:9
723Register of Kingdom Births
724The Vessels of the Great Potter
725I Thought I Heard a Murmur
726Acquiescing in God’s Will
727Symposium—Thoughts on the Theme Text
728Fatal Attraction
729The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
730Baptismal Discourse
731South American Report
732I Will Give Thee for a Covenant
733The Other Eleven
734Abide With Us, ‘Tis Eventide
735The Holy Spirit
736Question Meeting
738The Cities of Refuge
739Lord, Increase Our Faith

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