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1995 General Convention—Grand Rapids, MI.

916Welcome Address
917Consider Immortality
918Healing Leaves
919The Miracles of God
920Seeking for Glory, Honor and Eternal Life
921More Like the Master
922The Iron Gate
923Theme Discourse—Colossians 1:23
924God, Caesar and Tithing
925From That Time Forth
926Question Meeting
928Heavenly Harmony
929Our Future Home
930Kings and Priests
931Symposium—Faith, Works
932A Letter From Jude
933Special Testimony Meeting: How I Received the Truth
934Baptismal Discourse
935We Do Not Lose Heart
936Our Mount of Vision
937The Seventh Trumpet
938The Story That is Lost
939David’s Three Anointings
940The Tabernacle
941The Bible and Modern Science
942Let Us Pass Over
943The Healing Works of Jesus

1994 General Convention—St. Joseph, MO.

884Welcome Address
885Secrets of the Universe
886Slaves of Christ
887Our Heritage
888Stewards of the Grace of God
889The New Covenant
890Romania and India Report
891Thy Name is as Ointment Poured Out
892Theme Discourse—Matthew 5:14
893To Catch the Wind
894His Hands Shall Finish It
895Panel Discussion—The Wheat and the Tares
896South American Report
897Take the Fifth
898A More Excellent Sacrifice
899Who Are the Father, Son, Holy Spirit?
900Another Look at Matthew 18
901Witnessing Workshop
902Baptismal Discourse
903The Faithfulness of Jesus
904Our Mount of Vision
905Go and Learn What That Means
906The Exodus—A Picture of The Divine Plan of the Ages
907God, Isaiah, Hezekiah and the Sundial of Ahaz
908Australian Report - European Report
909Reign of Jesus and the Church
911Be Fruitful
912We Shall Not All Sleep
913It’s Your Choice

1993 General Convention—Newberg, OR.

855Welcome Address
857Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
858Seed Time and Harvest
859The Roaring Lion vs. The Church of God
860How to Walk on Water
861Reducing Stress
862Theme Discourse—Psalm 89:15
863A Matter of Conscience
864The Highway Out of Egypt
865A Journey From Israel
866The Resurrection
867Faith Backed by Works
868Think Willing, Still Pursue
869The Captain of the Host Shout With a Great Shout
870Panel Discussion—Harvest Siftings
871Baptismal Discourse
873Significance of the Ephod
874Lead Me to The Rock
875Lessons (Overview) of 1 Samuel
876Called and Chosen
877I Am Ashamed to Beg
878Our Living Sacrifice
879Joshua and Jericho
880A Word Fitly Spoken
881Closing Discourse

1992 General Convention—St. Joseph, MO.

827Welcome Address
828Thou Shalt Love the Lord Thy God
829The Goal That Ends the Race
830Surrounded With Experiences
831Identifying With the Lord Thy God
832The Sin Offering
833Climbing the Mountain of the Lord
834Theme Discourse—II Peter 1:10
835Watch and Pray Lest Ye Enter Into Temptation
836A Report of His Trip to India
837The Four Classes of Levites
838Abraham and His Seed
839Acceptable in His Sight
840The Privilege to Serve
841Panel Discussion—Climbing the Christian Ladder
842Baptismal Discourse
843We’re Living in The Last Days
844The Freedom to Choose
845A More Excellent Sacrifice
846Advise and Consent
847Precious Memories
848The Joyful Song of Salvation
849Keep Thy Heart
850Avoiding Spiritual Weariness
851A Total Faith
852Closing Discourse

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