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1999 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1030Welcome Address
1031The Highest Motive
1032Hezekiah—Like a Caged Bird
1033A Great Light in Galilee
1034Jacob’s Ladder
1035Who Are My Brethren?
1037Theme Discourse—I Timothy 4:12
1038Take Heed to Yourselves
1039What Is the Meaning of Life?
1040Panel Discussion—The Holy Spirit: Past, Present, Future
1041Bring Back the King
1042Daniel’s Last Prophecy
1043Knowing God and His Will
1044This Kingdom Shall Be Preached
1045Symposium—Tentative Justification vs. Actual Justification
1046Loving Care
1047Baptismal Discourse
1048The Sure Mercies of David
1049Called To Be Holy
1050Our Father in Heaven
1051Jacob’s Trouble
1052Symposium—Atonement: In Leviticus 9, In Leviticus 16
1053The Sacrifice of Praise
1054Walking In the Light
1055And the Promise Covenant
1056How Long, Oh Lord, How Long?

1998 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1003Welcome Address
1004Blue, Purple, Scarlet
1005Wells of Salvation
1006The Profession of Our Faith
1007Lessons From Debra and Gideon
1008Early Work of the Harvest: 1874-1916
1009A Little Flock
1010Theme Discourse—Exodus 4:2: What is That in Thine Hand?
1011Harvest Prospective
1012Keeping a Spiritual Heart
1013Panel Discussion—The Harvest Work Today
1014Healing the Lame Man
1015Spiritual Growth
1016Our Spiritual Home
1017Keeping in Remembrance
1018Panel Discussion—The Servant of Matthew 24: One / Several
1019Baptismal Discourse
1020The Feast of Ethanim
1021The Gathering of the Saints
1022Spoiling the Spoiler
1023The Oneness and Unity of Our Lord’s Brethren
1024The Lord’s Second Presence
1025Symposium—The Two Salvations: Heavenly, Earthly
1026The Truth—What is Truth?
1027Tell the Brethren
1028An Instrument Ready
1029Closing Discourse

1997 General Convention—Claremont, CA.

975Welcome Address
976The Covenant of Salt
977The Spirit of Adoption
978Patient Continuance
979Spirit of Obedience
980Proclaiming the Truth—John 18:37
981Asking for a Sign
982The Vision as Seen by Brother Russell
983A New Name
984Risen With Christ
985Panel Discussion—The Vision Will Not Tarry
986Lessons in the Life of Abraham
987Unity With Diversity
988About Midnight
989On the Edge of a New Age
990Symposium—The Call: To Righteousness, To Consecration
991Baptismal Discourse
992Special Testimony Meeting: How I Got the Truth
993Give an Account
994Beauty for Ashes
995The Spirit of Prophecy
996Sons of God
997Crystallization of Character
998Symposium—The Church, The Great Multitude
999The Power of Thought
1000Gideon and His Little Band
1001Your Adversary the Devil

1996 General Convention—St. Joseph, MO.

946Welcome Address—Reap
947Our Walk With God
948A Cry For Peace
949Our Father
950Operation Saint
951Your Adversary the Devil
952Agape Love
953The Last Letter
955Children—A Lesson in Contrasts
956Panel Discussion—Contending for the Doctrines (Jude 3)
957Wisdom and the Seven Churches
958Psalm 19
959The Laying on of Hands, Healing and Ordination
960A Closer Walk
Panel Discussion—The Dark Night of John 9:4:
Individual / Dispensational
962Baptismal Discourse
963Special Testimony Meeting: How I Got the Truth
964Psalm 23
965Great Mystery of God
966The Seed of Promise
967The Facts About Christian Liberty
968Truth Movement Highlights Since 1916
969God’s Surveyors
970Wisdom From Above
971What Covenant is The Church Developed Under?
972The Administration of Spiritual Things

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