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2003 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1138Welcome Address
1140Cleansing the Land
1141Only You Have I Known
1142The Great Atonement Day
1143As Angels of Light
1144Ye Are Not Your Own
1145Theme Discourse—I Corinthians 9:16
1146Godliness With Contentment is Great Gain
11476000 Years
1148Panel Discussion—Ways to Be About Our Father’s Business
1149There is One
1151What if You’re Wrong?
1152Take Heed—Stand Fast in the Faith
Panel Discussion—The Lord is Present and...
Restitution has begun / Restitution is future
1154Baptismal Discourse
1155Putting Prophecy Into Practice
1156Christ is the Gospel
1157The Parable of the Fig Tree
1158A Ransom for All
1159The New Covenant
1160Symposium—Judgment, Mercy
1161The Image in the Mirror
1162Go Forward Looking Unto Him
1163Characteristics of the Blessed People
1164Wisdom From Above

2002 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1111Welcome Address
1113The Building of the Temple
1114Doctrines and Viewpoints
1115He Wholly Followed the Lord
1116The Church’s Share in the Sin Offering
1117The Apostle Paul Sends His Love
1118Theme Discourse—II Peter 3:11
1119The Virgin Birth of Jesus
1121Question Meeting
1122Typical Picture of Entering the Promised Land
1123Still There’s More to Follow
1124I Will Guide Thee With Mine Eye
1125What Has Religion Done for Mankind?
Panel Discussion—The Offering of Incense on Day of Atonement:
In the Holy / In the Most Holy
1127Baptismal Discourse
1128Trees of Righteousness
1129David and Jonathan: Three Covenants of Friendship
1130The Search for the Real Mount Sinai
1131We Listen, But Do We Really Hear?
1132I and My Father Are One—John 10:30
1133Symposium—Sons of... Jacob, Ishmael
1134A Shout, A Voice, A Trump
1135In the Heavenlies
1136Worthless Works of Knowledge
1137Finally Brethren, Farewell

2001 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1084Welcome Address
1086It’s in the Blood
1087The School of Christ
1088Eye Hath Not Seen Nor Ear Heard
1089The History of Hell
1090Crossing Jordan
1091Theme Discourse—Luke 11:28
1092Wherefore Comfort One Another
1093Trust and Obey
1094Panel Discussion—The Close of the Gospel Age
1095Surrender Without Conditions
1096Two Perspectives on the Christian Walk
1097An Every Day Event
1098Rejoice, Pray and Give Thanks
Panel Discussion—The End of the Law Covenant:
At the Cross / Yet Future
1100Baptismal Discourse
1101The Touch of His Hand
1102Mark Twain—Mark of the Lord—Mark of the Beast
1103A White Stone
1104The Priest of the Most High God
1105The Trial of Your Faith
1106Symposium—Ephesians 4:22-24: Old Man, New Man
1107Walk Worthy
1108A Love Story
1109The Privilege of Being the Sons of God
1110Until We Meet Again

2000 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1057Welcome Address—The Night is Far Spent
1058Gains and Losses
1059Truth For Our Times
10602000 and Counting
1061The Seven-Fold Gospel Age and Its Seven-Fold Harvest
1062Be Not Weary—Galatians 6:9
1063Cyrus—The Lord’s Anointed
1064Theme Discourse—I Timothy 4:16
1065Being One
1066Apprenticeship Today—Journeyman Tomorrow
1067Panel Discussion—The Role of Israel in the Kingdom
1068The Second Psalm
1069A Living Hope
1070Removing Fences
1071Who is Worthy?
1072Panel Discussion—Daniel 2:34: Smiting of the Image
1073Faith and Courage
1074Zechariah’s Vision
1075Baptismal Discourse
1078Battle of Armageddon—Revelation 16:16
1079Symposium—Elijah, Elisha
1080Praying for the Sick
1081Enduring Patiently
1082What Are You Going to Do With It?
1083Follow Christ

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